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English spelling needs modernising because its irregularities make learning to read and write much too hard and slow for kids who don’t get much help with it from their parents during early childhood and first years at school –  

Evidence from Finland, Korea and many more countries tells us very clearly that with modernised, simpler spelling systems children learn to read and write 10 x faster and with less failure than with the mind-boggling English system.

Do teachers care about getting kids educated? Or is teaching just a way of earning their living? They can surely see that spellings like ‘friend said Wednesday’ make learning to r + wr much harder than ‘frend sed Wensday’. So why are they not calling for change?

Being able to read is important. Right? – So why is English spelling still allowed to make it much harder than need be? Why are teachers not calling for reform? U don’t hav to be smart or gifted to read with spellings like ‘stop on hot spot’. U do with ‘only once other women won’.

The irregularities of English spelling are a very costly educational handicap. English-speaking countries could all become much better educated if English spelling was improved and learning to read and write was made easier and faster. 

The irregular English spellings are the reason why 1 in 6 speakers of English still can’t read properly when they leave school at 16. They also cause endless arguments about how best to teach reading and writing, e.g. … – Illogical nonsense is hard to teach.

Learning to Read and Write English is hard and takes very long because too many words have irregular spellings (e.g. said, head, other, trouble v bed, led; upper, rubble)  They make young children’s lives much harder than better systems. The worst should be modernised.

Inglish spelling wos made difficult by peepl hoo gave no thaut to how this afected lerning to reed and rite. By undooing sum of their worst changes litteracy lerning Inglish culd be made much eesier.

Anglophone countries will always have lots of kids failing to learn to read well, despite spending 10 years at school, for as long as there is no reduction in the 100s of irregular English spellings. U cant hav a disfunctional spelling sistem and expect all children to lern wel.

In lots of books, like this one, reading failure gets blamed on poor teaching. The real reasons for it  – the absurdities of English spelling – get consistently ignored.

I am a retired teecher @lucindamcknigh8 hoo speeks sevral languages and hav noan for 64 yeers that Inglish spelling needs moddernising becos it makes lerning tu reed an rite much too difficult. I hav establishd exactly wy too but continue tu bee ignord.

4,219 out of the moast used 7,000 Inglish words hav unpredictable spellings: 2,828 ireggular (rude, shrewd, move), 1,391 unpredictabl (mood, food). They all hav tu be lerned 1 by 1.

Thats wot makes lerning tu write Inglish exceptionally hard and slo.

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